Al Ghweifat Customs foil attempt to smuggle 216 bottles of Alcohol

WAM Abu Dhabi, Dec 31st, 2012 (WAM) — Al Ghweifat Customs has foiled an attempt to smuggle 216 bottles of alcohol through Ghuwaifat border.

The customs inspectors have arrested the driver of the truck, which was carrying the contraband outwards from the UAE and the seized bottles were hidden inside the vehicle’s tool compartment.

While passing through the specified path for empty, unloaded trucks out of the UAE, Al Ghweifat Customs Centre’ inspectors transferred the vehicle to a radiation detection device which showed the existence of smuggled goods within the trucks’ tool box.

A manual inspection was conducted as well, discovering that the truck contained 216 bottles of alcohol that were hidden carefully in order to illegally smuggle them out of the country. Following this, a seizure report was issued and the driver was transferred along with the smuggled goods to the Ghuwaifat police station to take the necessary legal action over the incident.

Saeed Ahmed Al Muhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Customs, praised the high level of security of the Abu Dhabi Customs’ inspectors, and applauded their great efforts to achieve the vision of the General Administration of Customs aimed at strengthening the UAE’s security and developing its economy through committing to foiling illegal smuggling attempts at Abu Dhabi’s marine, land and air borders.

Moreover, Al Muhairi praised the continuous support given by Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Department of Finance – Abu Dhabi towards activating and strengthening customs-related work and encouraging local competencies of employees to improve their performance and strengthen their commitment to the responsibility entrusted to them.


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