Al-Attiyah Addresses the Pre COP18 Preparatory Ministerial Meeting

Seoul, October 22 (QNA) –  HE the Chairman of Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and President of the Climate Change Conference (COP18) Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah today took part in the preparatory ministerial meeting for the Climate Change Conference (Pre COP18)  with South Korean President and a number of minister concerned with environment and climate affairs attending.
 HE Al-Attiyah gave a speech before the opening session in which he said “It is an honor and pleasure to be here with you all today, at this traditional Pre-COP event. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Government of The Republic of Korea for hosting this event in cooperation with the State of Qatar, providing us with means to establish a solid foundation for the Doha Conference. We hope to bring all parties together to signal our firm political commitment at the highest level moving us closer to securing a successful outcome in Doha..
 “The Doha Conference is only six weeks away, and is an important milestone at a critical moment in the international climate regime. Doha provides us with a real opportunity to build on what Cancun and Durban accomplished, make tangible progress, and move the negotiations forward decisively.  In doing so, the multilateral response to climate change will be strengthened.
 “We are here to jointly seek solutions to the multiple threats posed by climate change, to explore common grounds, and establish shared understandings on several vital matters that will pave the way forward to enhance future development in a way that is sustainable.
 “There are issues that require your political leadership. I am certain that I can count on your support here, as well as during the Doha Conference in addressing the challenges and in the delivery of the Doha Outcome in a timely and efficient manner.
 “We have held meaningful discussions on how we can work together to achieve the outcome we strive for in Doha. As you are aware, the Second Commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol will begin on January 1st 2013. This is a key deliverable for Doha. Therefore, we must act now to ensure a successful amendment.”
 He said “in addition, Doha is expected to operationalize the new institutions agreed upon in previous COPs, such as the Green Climate Fund, the Standing Committee, the Climate Technology Center and Network, as well as the Adaptation Committee. Scaling up efforts to promote pledges on finance is crucial in bridging the existing gaps in finance and mitigation ambition. We see finance as a key enabler to reaching an agreement and unblocking many of the issues mentioned earlier.
  “It is essential that we agree on the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol; on a successful closure of the AWG-LCA; and on strengthening our resolve to the design of the post 2020 climate regime under the ADP.
 “The Chairs have my full confidence and support. I know they will be working hard to address all the outstanding items in order to complete their respective groups  work in Doha.
 ‘I call upon you to address the barriers to an agreed and balanced outcome of COP18/CMP8. I urge you to ensure that actions are being taken to move forward in implementing the Durban Package in a comprehensive and timely manner. As echoed by Parties in Bangkok, enhanced political momentum is crucial at the ministerial level in order to enable us to produce the expected fundamental deliverables in Doha.
 ”Qatar as incoming Presidency shall continue to remain true to the principles of a party-driven, open, transparent and inclusive process. In this regard, we will continue to engage in sessions, including high-level informal meetings and bilaterals to facilitate convergence of views and positions of Parties and Groups.
 The session was attended by Qatar’s Ambassador to South Korea Ali bin Hamad Al-Marri and members of the delegation accompanying HE the Chairman of Administrative Control and Transparency Authority.(QNA)

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