ADM runs campaign to remove heavy trucks, buses from neighborhoods of Samha

Abu Dhabi: Al Shahama Municipal Center, at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has spearheaded a campaign to remove heavy trucks parked in the residential neighborhoods of Al Samha East/West.

The move aimed to maintain the urban appearance of the city, protect the environment from all forms of pollutants and at the same time safeguard the privacy of families and residents in the area.

To carry out this campaign, the Municipality administered a preliminary course of actions including awareness and informative procedures in response to complaints filed by residents. Accordingly, the Monitoring ‘&’ Residential Districts Unit at Al Shahama Municipal Center monitored the phenomenon and carried out an extensive campaign on heavy trucks aimed at counselling and mentoring drivers not to park their trucks in residential neighborhoods for security and environmental reasons. The Municipality had also installed warning signs in locations where heavy trucks used to be parked, in cooperation with Al Rahba Police Station and afterwards it started to eject heavy trucks from the neighborhoods.

In the same context, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City calls upon all heavy truck and bus drivers to cooperate with the Municipality and the concerned authorities in conserving the environment of the neighborhood by avoiding clogging the traffic in residential areas as a result of the disorderly parking of their trucks in residential districts, as such malpractice would have a negative bearing on the environment and public health of the locality. At the same time, it disfigures the civilized appearance of the city and increases the risks of run-over accidents, especially among children. Therefore all concerned parties have got to cooperate in order to ensure the safety ‘&’ security of residential communities and rid residents of these risks.

The Municipality noted that the open and outlying areas offer a suitable alternative for parking heavy trucks and buses, as the Municipality counts on drivers’ commitment to realize the objectives of the campaign.”

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