Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council Launches Certification Initiative for Electrical Appliances

WAM Abu Dhabi, 22 Jan. 2013 (WAM) – Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), responsible for the development of quality infrastructure and raising awareness on quality in Abu Dhabi, has launched a certification initiative for electrical appliances to prevent fatal risks associated with faulty electrical products.

Faulty appliances that are used on a daily basis pose fatal risks such as property damage, personal injuries, and even death. Under the initiative, QCC will subject 16 types of household electrical products to design evaluation and independent testing to determine their compliance to health, safety and environmental stipulations.

A certificate of conformity identifying the equipment model and related standard will thereafter be issued. Electrical products that pass the certification criteria will bear the Abu Dhabi Trustmark to authenticate the quality and reliability of the product in compliance with the UAE’s safety, quality, and reliability standards, as well as the emirate’s regulations.

QCC’s proactive initiative, developed in consultation with regulators and industry leaders, will allow consumers across Abu Dhabi to buy trusted appliances bearing the Abu Dhabi Trustmark.

Anas Jawdat Al Barguthi, Executive Director – Consumer and Market Services, QCC, said: “The electrical appliances certification initiative will aim to control risk through sustaining high standards of quality. Faulty electrical appliances pose significant risk to the safety of our families and homes, and therefore ensuring the quality of these products is our top priority. This initiative will allow consumers to make informed decisions while purchasing electrical appliances.” As part of the evaluation process, QCC employs qualified and trained inspectors to ensure that faulty products are identified and removed off the retail shelves. QCC will also conduct random market inspections to ensure that the 16 products sold to consumers in the emirate bear the Abu Dhabi Trust Mark.

QCC aims to roll out similar product certification initiatives and conformity schemes for other consumer products as part of its ongoing commitment to build Abu Dhabi’s reputation as an emirate that prioritizes the safety and well-being of consumers.

Abdalla Hassan Al Muaini, Director of Consumer Safety Services, QCC, said: “Ensuring consumer product safety in Abu Dhabi is our key objective. Towards this end, Abu Dhabi’s Quality and Conformity Council takes continuous, decisive efforts to enhance product safety and reinforce quality to guarantee that products traded in Abu Dhabi comply with pertinent regulations and standards. The ´┐Żelectrical appliances certification initiative’ was introduced to safeguard customers from risks arising from uncertified appliances, while maintaining their safety satisfaction and trust.” The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council was established in 2009 to raise the quality of the emirate’s exports and locally traded products as part of a mandate to protect the interest of consumers and support the UAE’s competitive economy. QCC works towards its goals through empowering regulators to establish and implement product safety, legal metrology and conformity schemes. QCC also sets guidelines and benchmarks to identify and verify that the products manufactured and traded in Abu Dhabi conform to the highest quality standards.


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