4.5m Tramadol tablets seized in Sharjah

Sharjah: Anti-drug units of Sharjah Police and Ministry of Interior launched an operation seizing 4.5 million tablets of Tramadol drug and more than 48 tonnes of drug powder to produce Tramadol, Emirates 24/7 reported today.

This was said to be the largest operation of its kind over the past one decade. It’s also claimed to be the biggest quantity of drugs ever seized in the region. The 48-tonnes powder confiscated in the raid was to be used to produce more than four million Tramadol tablets.

Two drug traffickers were arrested for bringing drugs in to the UAE while 10 crew members of a ship were arrested at Sharjah Creek for drug smuggling. Another two drugs dealers were arrested in Dubai – one of them was arrested a few minutes after arriving at the Dubai International Airport.

Sharjah Police had raided the ship after it received a tip-off that a vessel bearing the name of “Tawfiq” was loaded with tonnes of Tamadol pills.

Marines searched the vessel and discovered a huge amount of Tramadol tablets and 48.416 tonnes of powder packed in cartons to manufacture Tramadol tablets hidden at the bottom of the vessel.

Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak, Deputy Commander in Chief of Sharjah Police, praised the efforts of all those who participated in the operation.

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