32 Terror Groups Busted in China’s Xinjiang

Beijing, June 24 (QNA) – A total of 32 gangs were busted; over 380 suspects apprehended; and 315 people convicted in the first month of northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region anti-terror campaign.

The campaign was launched after the May 22 bombing of a market in the regional capital Urumqi that killed 39 people, according to China’s (Xinhua) News Agency.

Public security departments seized 264 explosive devices, 3.15 tonnes of explosives and 357 controlled knives, Wang Qianrong, deputy head of the regional public security department said.

The police confiscated about 100 computers and 1,700 books on terrorism and religious extremism during raids on 21 illegal preaching sites and training camps, Wang said.

Six police officers died in the line of duty over the past month.

Courts in Xinjiang convicted 315 people involved in 120 cases, of terrorist attacks, religious extremism, manufacturing of guns and explosives, spreading of terrorist propaganda, and illegally crossing international borders.

Wang said that Xinjiang people from all ethnic groups had joined forces with the government and police to fight terrorism. Police have received more than 400 tipoffs, based on which 12 terrorist and extremist groups were identified and more than 80 suspects taken into custody.

Data from the regional public security shows that 96 percent of terror cases were identified and thwarted at the planning stage. (QNA)

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