2nd International Forum of Quranic Botanic Garden Kicks off in Doha /1/

Fatima Al Khulaifi further said that the Scientific forum is an
important event to highlight the priority Qatar Foundation places
with respect to the environment, conservation and sustainable
development. This forum will also assist in the achievement of the
Qatar National vision 2030 as well as the Qatar National Development
Strategy 2011-2016.

The forum aims to explore new initiatives that will support the
conservation and education programs of the Qur’anic Botanic Garden.
Associated with the importance of botanical gardens, ecosystems
management, and cultural heritage, she added.
The Forum, will gather specialists in Islam and other faiths,
ecologists, ecosystem managers, scholars from botanic gardens, and
other relevant disciplines to exchange ideas and experiences about
future programs to serve the objectives of the Qur’anic Botanic
Garden and the commission on Ecosystem Management.

The session will highlight Islamic Principles, values and ethics
that promote the conservation of plants, cultural traditions and
ecosystems. the effort of local and regional authorities to preserve
the environment will be showcased.

In a similar address, Pieter Wit, Chairman Commission on Ecosystem
Management (CEM) of the Switzerland-Based International Union for
Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) has called for behaving rationally and
with wisdom and using religious education based on the fear of Allah
the Almighty when dealing with nature and not to hurt creatures.

” We have to change environmentally harmful behaviour by inspiring
good moreals and values especially the values of charity , mercy ,
compassion and avoiding bad manners such as cruelty , abuse and
corruption”, Wit said. (MORE)

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