19 Cases of Dengue Fever Discovered in Japan

Tokyo, September 01 (QNA) – Nineteen more people were confirmed by the Japanese health ministry on Monday to have contracted dengue fever in Tokyo, following three last week and bringing the total number to 22 in the first cases of domestic infection in Japan since 1945.

None of the sufferers had recently travelled overseas, but all had recently spent time in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park and are thought to have been bitten there by mosquitoes bearing the virus. The disease is not transmitted directly from person to person.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare called on anyone experiencing a high fever three to seven days after suffering a mosquito bite to seek medical attention, but noted that serious complications of dengue fever are rare, Japanese News Agency (Kyodo) reported
Of the 19 confirmed sufferers, 13 are residents of Tokyo, two are from neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture and one each hails from Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki and Niigata prefectures, the ministry said.

Infection had earlier been confirmed in three others last Wednesday and Thursday; one each from Saitama, Tokyo and Saitama.

The health ministry is now investigating whether anyone close to the confirmed sufferers has also been infected.(QNA)

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