15 Booby-Trapped Houses Dismantled North of Baquba

Baghdad, September 12 (QNA) – Iraqi security sources said that concerned authorities have dismantled 15 booby-trapped houses in Diyala, north of Baquba.

The sources said that engineering unit in Fifth Division of the Army managed to dismantle 15 booby-trapped houses in different areas in Al-Azeem neighbourhood, north of Baquba, noting that the number of booby-trapped house that have been dismantled, since the army maintained control over the area and evicted Daash militants, totaled 200 homes
They confirmed that dozens of leading figures in Daash organization fled Haudh Al-Azeem area to Dhuluiya in in Salahuddin province after the organization was dealt hard blows by the Army’s air and security forces.

In southern Baghdad, security force killed three insurgents and torched a car in which they were traveling.

Meanwhile Spokesman of Baghdad Operations Brigadier General Saad Maan aid a force from the 25th brigade 25 of the 17th division managed, during an ambush today, to kill three gunmen and to burn their car in the 12th kilometer zone south of Baghdad.

Five Daash members, including trainer of suicide bombers, were also killed in an air strike that targeted hideouts of Daash militants, northeast of Baquba in northeast Iraq.

A security source said that helicopter gunships bombed last night, one of Daash positions in the the village of Sensl, northeast of Baquba, killing four members of the organization.(QNA)

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