100 Police Officers Injured in Clashes with Protestors in Pakistan

Islamabad , June 23 (QNA) – Hundred of Pakistani police officers were injured in clashes between the police and the supporters of “Minhaj- ul Quran” movement in Islamabad and Rawalpindi .

According to media sources, the police officers were injured as a result of clashes erupted last night with the supporters of the movement who threw stones at the police and beaten them with sticks.

Those supporters had come out in the streets of the two cities to welcome Dr. Tahir Al-Qadri, the founder of the movement, who was supposed to arrive at Islamabad airport Monday morning, but the police forbade them from proceeding to the airport, the matter which resulted in such clashes in the two cities.

The Pakistani government has diverted Al-Qadri’s plane to Lahore’s city airport where his movement is taking place, but he refused to get out of the plane at Lahore airport, and demanded his return to Islamabad, or holding a discussion with him in his plane by the military officials.

Pervez Rasheed, the Minister of Mass Communication, announced that this is the Pakistani government’s responsibility to send Al-Qadri safely to his home in Lahore by a helicopter stressing that the government can not allow him to go out in the streets because of security threats to his life. (QNA)

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